Frequently Asked Questions

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How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

All transactions are executed trough PayPal which uses secure SSL certificate.Your data is 100% Secure!

What is foreplay?

Foreplay is a set of intimate psychological and physical acts between two or more people meant to create desire for sexual activity and sexual arousal.Either or any of the sexual partners may initiate the foreplay, and they may not be the active partner during the sexual activity.

What makes Secret VII special?

Secret VII is special because it is entertaining, competitive and gets the action started fast, quick and in a hurry!Secret VII’s Pleasure Cards are the game changer, providing unique, stimulating and risqué game play.The game play is easy, and the instructions are super simple.The result is a bedroom game that stokes the imagination, excites the senses and engages the players in sexual favor competitiveness.

Can one change the time limit?

Yes.The timer allows one to select the amount of time one wishes to perform the foreplay act.Secret VII recommends two minutes per turn to keep things interesting.

Can Secret VII be played with more than two players?

Yes.Secret VII is designed to be played with two or more players for the more adventurous among us.

Why are the Pleasure Cards color coded?

The Pleasure Cards depict foreplay acts each player chooses depending on one’s mood and level of excitement desired.The blue Pleasure Cards are mild and promote talking and intimacy.The yellow Pleasure cards are wilder and involve more touching.The red Pleasure Cards are hot and contain explicit foreplay acts.

What if the Pleasure Cards don’t contain an act for which I’m interested?

We’ve included blank, black Pleasure Cards where you can create your own foreplay act(s)!These cards can be used with the existing Pleasure Cards for future game play as well.

Does Secret VII come with or need any props?

Secret VII does not include or require props.The Pleasure Cards, dice and timer provide all the tools you need to have great sexual game play.

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